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Memory Assessment

Memory Assessments are offered at Mosaic Family Health at 229 S. Morrison Street, Appleton, Wisconsin by Dr. Lee Vogel and resident physicians. Initial assessments screen for memory impairment, assess overall health and, if warranted, proceed to a more comprehensive evaluation to diagnose the cause/type of dementia. The voices of the person as well as of the caregiver(s) are honored. For more information, call the clinic at 920-997-8436.

Findings of the screening and evaluation are discussed with the persons and their family caregivers. Education is vital to both understanding and planning for the future. Information is also communicated to the persons’ primary care physician. Relevant community resource recommendations are also made and assistance with accessing those services is given as needed. The persons and their families also have the on-going support of the Fox Valley Memory Project, the Mosaic Family Health Care Manager, as well as other community resources.

New In-Home Caregiver Support Program

Coaching is available for those caring for persons at home with a significant memory loss. For more information, click on the “In-home Coaching” tab or call Mosaic Family Health at 920-997-8436.