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What is a dementia friendly community? The British organization Innovations in Dementia (2012) describes it as a place:

When the same organization asked persons with memory loss to describe a dementia friendly community they spoke of one that enabled them to:

Here in the Fox River Valley, persons with memory loss expressed their wishes for a community that:

Dementia is a disability that can be accommodated through patience, kindness and understanding. Through Community Education, the Fox Valley Memory Project seeks to eliminate the fear and stigma that create barriers to full participation in community for both persons with dementia and their care partners.

Through Workplace Enrichment, The Fox Valley Memory Project seeks to work with area employers to support employees diagnosed with a neurocognitive disorder or who are caring for someone with the diagnosis.

We do not want to forget our friends and neighbors living with dementia that are in need of services provided in local Long-Term Care facilities. The Fox Valley Memory Project provides staff training programs in creative engagement employing the arts (poetry, story-telling, drumming circles, etc.) to enrich the lives of residents.

A dementia friendly community is a place where it is possible for the greatest number of people with dementia to live a good life. Together we can make the Fox Valley such a place!