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Researchers around the world are trying to understand what contributes to people's ability to live well with dementia, whether as the person diagnosed or as a care partner, family member, or friend. The Fox Valley Memory Project sponsors research that studies its own programs to ensure that they have a positive effect on participants and it also educates people about discoveries by other researchers.

We think it’s important to understand research and the claims researchers make about their findings. That’s why we’ll be posting quarterly reviews of research that mostly addresses psychological and social concerns. If there is a research study you hear about and would like help deciphering the statistics or other technical aspects of the report, let us know and we’ll try to explain it “in plain English.” Or, if you have a particular question or concern about living with dementia and wonder whether researchers have addressed it, tell us and we’ll try to find out.

One of the goals of the Fox Valley Memory Project is to create an inquiring community that is open to learning more about dementia. Sharing knowledge about research is one way this can happen.