Mindworks is a program designed for those with early symptoms of memory loss or dementia. The curriculum promotes overall well-being, brain health, and social interaction through classroom activities, community engagement, service projects, and physical activity. This high-touch program is providing enrichment with a purpose–memory care teachers use physical and mental exercises to help develop strategies to cope with changing memory conditions – and ultimately improve quality of life through this social, meaningful activity. Mindworks also provides respite opportunity for care partners and family while participants are engaged in the Mindworks class.



Registration is required for this program.

Currently, Mindworks participants, staff, and volunteers are meeting together once per week via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mindy, the instructor, is also creating activity packets for each month similar to the packets participants would typically receive during in-person classes. We are unsure of how long the group will be meeting virtually, but we believe it is still so important to have face-to-face time however possible!

If you or someone you know is interested in getting to know the group, please reach out to the email address listed below.

For further information about Mindworks or for registration, contact Mike Rohrkaste, Executive Director, at [email protected].


This program is generously supported by: