About Memory Cafés

Do you or a loved one have memory loss? Imagine a community of individuals experiencing memory loss actively engaging in singing, games, activities, conversation, and creative fun. Memory Cafés provide an innovative form of social engagement for people living with dementia, cognitive decline, or other forms of memory loss.

This engaging experience is designed to be enjoyed by those with memory loss as well as their care partners, family, and friends. Memory Cafés create a rich, diverse environment where friendships are built and enjoyed among all those experiencing the journey of memory loss.

What to Expect at a Memory Café

Memory Cafés consist of facilitated activities, informal conversation, and light refreshments. There is no cost to participate. Designed to be interactive, Memory Cafés allow for the person with memory loss and their care partner to interact in ways they had prior to the memory loss. Café themes have included guest speakers and presentations, musical performances, art projects, and games and activities that engage those with memory loss. An experienced facilitator and additional volunteers lead the cafés. The settings are relaxed and comfortable with accessibility for those with mobility limitations. The environment and activities are optimized to help people with memory loss engage in the social gathering. Please visit our Gallery for great photos of our Memory Cafés!

What are the results of participating?

memory loss memory cafe event

Based on survey data from café attendees, they report that cafés aid in combating a major challenge in living with memory loss or caring for someone living with memory loss – social isolation. They also state that the café activities often help with recall of personal memories and provide engaging opportunities that are not otherwise available due to memory loss. Memory Cafés also provide family and care partners with a shared experience and fosters meaningful connections among loved ones and friends.

How did Memory Cafès start?

Memory Cafés were developed in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and have been found to reduce social isolation, provide enjoyable interaction without stigma, act as an entry point for needed resources, and offer access to education and information throughout each person’s memory loss journey.

Memory Café Locations

 Memory Cafés welcome persons experiencing memory loss, along with family and friends who love and care for them.  Attendees participate in activities, learning, music, conversation, refreshments, laughter, and fun. 


Meade Street Bistro, 2729 N Meade Street, Appleton – Thursday, September 7 – 1:30p 

Get your cheese heads ready and touchdown to our Memory Café! Join the fun as we tailgate and dive into Packers-themed fun and create memories together. It’s all about fun, food, and football fever! This Café will be on the outdoor patio at Meade Street (weather permitting). 


Thompson Center on Lourdes, 2331 E Lourdes Dr, Appleton – Wednesday, September 13 – 10:00a  

“Home on the Range” Yee-haw! Cowboy songs, fun, and special friends to visit!  


Meade Street Bistro, 2729 N Meade Street, Appleton – Thursday, September 21 – 1:30p 

Gear up for a blast at our Memory Café’s Back-to-School Extravaganza! Unleash your inner student with a day of nostalgia, laughter, and fantastic company. Let’s ace the fun together! 



Brillion Nature Center, W1135 Deerview Rd, Brillion – Tuesday, September 5 – 1:30p 

Chirping and Chatting: Join us at the Nature Center to spread your wings of knowledge about backyard birds! 

AriensCo Museum, 109 Calumet St, Brillion – Tuesday, September 19 – 1:30 p 

Cancelled this month. 



Ledge View Nature Center, W2348 Short Road, Chilton – Tuesday, September 12 – 1:30p 

“The Amazing Life of the Leaf” Leaves serve an important purpose, but they also do amazing things! 



Neuschafer Community Library of Fremont, 317 Wolf River Dr, Fremont – Monday, September 4 – 1:30p 

Cancelled this month. 



Fox West YMCA, W6931 School Road, Greenville – Wednesday, September 6 – 1:30 – 3:00p 

Learn about strength training and weight bearing exercise to increase bone density! We’ll try out the moves and build those bones. 



Kaukauna Public Library, 207 Thilmany Road, Suite 200, Kaukauna – Monday, September 11– 1:30p 

Our own “friendship” version of the Newlywed Game. The Newlywed Game is an American television game show that first aired in the 1960’s and was hosted by Bob Eubanks. At today’s Memory Café, we’ll play a similar version to see how well we know our partners! 











Heart of the Valley YMCA, 225 W Kennedy Avenue, Kimberly – Thursday, September 14– 1:30p 

Paint by Number!  Come join us as we paint beautiful pictures (by number!) 


Kimberly Public Library, 515 W. Kimberly Avenue, Kimberly – Wednesday, September 27 – 1:30 p 

Join us as we welcome Jeanne Gehrke, Wellness Advocate from Dreams of Jeanne, who will teach us about fall scents and lead us in creating our own room sprays. We will also learn some basics about oils and their health benefits. 



Menasha Public Library, Location at Watters Farms Greenhouse – 2015 County Rd II, Neenah – Wednesday, September 20– 


We will spend time enjoying the plants in the greenhouse and will make up a flowerpot to bring home. 

Limited space – Registration required. To register, please call 920-225-1711 or register here 



Neenah Public Library, 240 E Wisconsin Ave, Neenah – Monday, September 18 1:30p  

Music is a road to memories. Listen and join in song during a “Lyrics and Laughter” program facilitated by Christy Feuerstahler, Valley VNA Senior Care’s, Music Director at the Neenah Public Library. 


New London 

Mosquito Hill Nature Center, N3380 Rogers Road, New London – Wednesday, September 13 – 1:30p 

“The transition of Leaves in the Fall”. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, trees prepare for the coming winter by shedding their leaves in a display of both beauty and practicality. Join Mosquito Hill Nature Center and guest speaker, Mary to learn all about the changes of trees in fall.  


New London Senior Center, 600 W Washington Street, New London – Monday, September 251:30p  

Let’s get crafty! Wear a painting shirt to this café, because we will paint clothespins and clip them on a frame to make a fall/sunflower wreath! 



Oshkosh Public Library, 106 Washington Avenue, Oshkosh – Wednesday, September 131:30p 

Join us for Lyrics and Laughter with Christy Feuerstahler from Valley VNA.  A fun and popular music program that will stimulate your brain and body! 


Oshkosh YMCA, 3303 W 20th Avenue, Oshkosh – Monday, September 25 – 1:30p  

Oktoberfest – We’ll have a special guest accordion player, Oktoberfest themed games and enjoy Root Beer floats. 



Waupaca Senior Center, Location at Waupaca Library –107 South Main Street, Waupaca– Monday, September 111:30p 

As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, the arrival of apple season becomes a cherished symbol of fall. Join us at the Waupaca Library to discuss “All Things Apple”!   

Questions? Call 920-225-1711 or e-mail [email protected]