How does it work?

The Tube is placed in the home, providing easy and quick access to specific information about the individual on how to best care for their needs in the event of an emergency. This information can then easily be shared with others who may be trying to help in an emergency, giving you and your family additional support.

What does the Purple Tube Project do for families?

  • It assists families by developing a crisis/safety plan 
  • It is at no cost to the caregiver or family members
  • Provides ways to best interact with persons with dementia

Contents in the Tube may include:

  • A safety plan for medical or behavioral emergencies for those with dementia
  • A brief medical history
  • Emergency and non-emergency contacts
  • A release of information so context can be shared with First Responders, Emergency Rooms and Crisis Personnel
  • Updated photos
  • A copy of everyone in the household’s healthcare power of attorney