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Community Education

The Fox Valley Memory Project is committed to ongoing community education designed to reduce fear of dementia and the stigma associated with it. In 2013, a major community education event drew more than 400 people. The following day, a full-day CME event for physicians led by two acclaimed geriatric psychiatrists allowed more than 60 medical professionals (mostly primary care physicians) learn how to better care for their patients contending with memory loss or cognitive change.

In May of 2014, we offered a showing of the documentary "14 Days with Alzheimer's" in conjunction with the Memory Loss Resource Center Grand Opening. Nationally known keynote speaker, Lisa Cerasoli, discussed her film with the audience. Over 125 community members in attendance participated in lively discussions that followed.

We continue to offer roundtable education/discussion events at the Memory Loss Resource Center to address practical issues for care partners of persons with dementia. They include the stages of progression, medication management, financial planning, assistive technology and safety, and more.

Representative from the Fox Valley Memory Project speak at various conferences around the state and beyond to educate other professionals and to share the results of research and lessons learned.

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A growing number of businesses and public institutions (restaurants, grocery stores, banks, shops, libraries, etc.) are training their employees to offer hospitality and support to persons contending with memory loss, confusion, or other symptoms associated with dementia. These places can be identified by the Purple Angel decal displayed in their window. Persons with dementia and their care partners can be confident that they will be welcomed warmly and receive any extra assistance they might need. We encourage you to frequent public and private settings displaying the Purple Angel, and to encourage others to become a part of this program. Establishments that wish to participate in this program should contact Lynn Ann Clausing Rusch at lynnann@foxvalleymemoryproject.org.

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