Mike Rohrkaste is new executive director of Fox Valley Memory Project

Fox Valley Memory Project (FVMP) has selected Mike Rohrkaste of Neenah as its new full-time executive director, effective July 1. In his new role, Rohrkaste will oversee various FVMP programs that help people with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia live positively and stay engaged with their communities. These programs include: Nine monthly Memory Cafés in seven locations across the Fox Valley Purple Angel Dementia Awareness program to train local businesses how to best serve people with memory loss The […] https://www.foxvalleymemoryproject.org/mike-rohrkaste-is-new-executive-director-of-fox-valley-memory-project/

Late Summer Bus Trip!

Come along to Winneconne, WI! First stop will be the Winneconne Historical Society Museum to take a walk through a steam boat cabin that was built in Oshkosh, WI in the early 1900s. It is the largest known remaining artifact of the “glory days” of steam boating on the Winnebago water system. Afterwards, the group will head down the street to the Fin n’ Feather to board the Showboat II for a lunchtime cruise! A lunch buffet is served with coffee and dessert as you […] https://www.foxvalleymemoryproject.org/late-summer-bus-trip/

Holding Onto Dignity With Dementia

One of the biggest challenges for people with dementia is retaining a sense of identity and meaning in life. How do people do this when they lose the ability to learn and retain new information, are confused about time and place, and have to rely on others to do things they once did independently? Researchers in the Netherlands conducted interviews with 14 people having mild to moderate dementia in order to answer this question. Personal dignity reflects people’s sense of […] https://www.foxvalleymemoryproject.org/holding-onto-dignity-with-dementia/

Driving Safely: Does Your Doctor Know Best?

One of the most robust findings about aging is that as we get older, we slow down not only in our motor responses, but also in the time it takes us to make decisions. This is especially true in situations (like roundabouts!) where a lot of information needs to be processed quickly. All of us know older people who have changed their driving habits because they no longer see well at night, or they no longer feel confident on crowded […] https://www.foxvalleymemoryproject.org/driving-safely-does-your-doctor-know-best/

The Sniff Test

Researchers have known for a number of years that people with Alzheimer’s dementia have a poorer sense of smell than persons without dementia. Not having a good sense of odors can reduce enjoyment of life because of the connection between odors and tastes, and it can also be dangerous if a person doesn’t smell smoke or a gas leak. We don’t realize how we process scents all day long and how this contributes to our orientation toward the world. I […] https://www.foxvalleymemoryproject.org/the-sniff-test/

Connected in Caring

A gentleman who is providing full time care for his wife who is experiencing moderate memory loss recently asked me how he would ask and accept assistance. He says when he thinks about finding support, he immediately stops because he tells himself that he should be able to do this himself and would see himself as a “mooch.” Those messages or self-talk that are ingrained in us are hard to recognize and can be even harder to change. If you […] https://www.foxvalleymemoryproject.org/connected-in-caring/
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